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Makes me happy..

Out of the tens of thousands of images I took this past summer, this is one of my favorites. My 10 month-old daughter Sami. I was probably sneaking some daddy-time before leaving for a wedding one Saturday. A little swing-motion at f1.2


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Conservation Photography

I’ve been a part of a really interesting conservation project for a while now (unfortunately it recently got shelved, hopefully temporarily). It is/was a joint venture between Natureserve, National Geographic, and The Nature Conservancy, but we had lots of guidance from DCR and The Natural Heritage Program. This project provided me access to some wild properties/caves/sinkholes/marshes/preserves throughout this part of the country. Mostly centered in Va, it also involved some sites in MD, WVa and TN. I spent quite a bit of time in the highly controversial (active and proposed coal-fired power plant sites, and their impact on an unbelievably biodiverse region) Clinch River Valley in swVa and eastTN. Here are some samples from the region:

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Hilary and Jeff engagement

Yet another interesting & fun couple for 2010’s wedding schedule. I’m really excited about working with Hilary & Jeff after doing their engagement session in DC recently.

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Photobooth in ’09

I got sort of bullied (for lack of a better term) into doing a photobooth (consisting of 2 softboxes/lights, a Canon 5D digital camera on a tripod, and a remote trigger) for my friend Sarah Cramer’s wedding back in April, and with co-shooter Eric Kelley’s enthusiasm it went REALLY well. I found folks were doing crazy things (since it’s self-activated, and mixes well with alcohol) I could never catch on film as a wedding photojournalist. Well, I was so impressed with the results that I did this, at no charge, virtually all remaining weddings for 2009. I’ll be continuing this no-fee fun-service in 2010 more than likely..

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Sample Wedding…

Soon, I’ll bombard this blog with sample wedding images from the past year, but I thought it’d be nice to provide a sampling from a single wedding, so that potential wedding clients can get a feel for my coverage/style and thoroughness. The following images are from a recent wedding on a family property in Weyer’s Cave for Marsha & Greg. The barn was an “extreme sports barn” complete with climbing wall and skate-ramp, which was converted for the reception.Tom Daly was my co-shooter.

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The Day After Everything Changed

I’ve really enjoyed working with Ellis Paul in recent years, and this project was no different. Due to his, for lack of a better description, crazy schedule, we had a few hectic afternoon/evening shoots, and came away with lots of content. Here are some keepers, and some outtakes.  The album will be officially released on January 12, 2010, but has already been getting some rave reviews. Check http://www.ellispaul.com for more information, or to download samples of his music.

While I was shooting, I was trying out the HD video capability of one of my new cameras.  I had it set up on a tripod as we shot one of the images for the album – the shot where he jumps in a lake.  Many people have asked if he really jumped in that lake, or if the image was Photoshopped.  Here’s the answer to that question:

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re-Opening Night at Jefferson Theater

I was really happy to photograph the opening of the Jefferson Theater November 27th.  The line-up included Matty Metcalf & Peyton Tochterman, Jason Isbell, and Sons Of Bill. Amazing night, and it was hard to get anything done with all the familiar faces there to talk to. Oh, by the way, this place is JUST what I’d hoped for. Great venue, and I’m looking forward to shooting (and hanging out) lots more in there.

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